Bio-Stimulation with Radiesse
in Norwich

Bio-Stimulation with Radiesse in Norwich

Bio-Stimulation and collagen production with
Radiesse in Norwich.

"Radiesse is an extremely advanced bio-remodelling and bio-stimulation treatment, now available in Norwich"


Radiesse is a biocompatible injectable liquid/gel formula that contains CaHA (calcium hydroxylapatite), which is a substance similar to bone and teeth.

It is nothing like other injectable treatments available on the market and it stands out from them, because it designed to trigger the body’s natural collagen-making process.

It is placed underneath the skin using a cannula and can be used virtually anywhere on the face, neck and body as it works with 'skin'.

Compared to dermal fillers and skin boosters which focus on temporarily improving wrinkles and fine lines, Radiesse actually stimulates your body to restore and replenish its own youthful collagen and elastin... something fillers and skin boosters do not do.

Results can be seen instantly 'off the couch' and continue to develop gradually over the course of weeks and months, and the collagen stimulation process continues for up to two years following injection!

Packages and prices can be found here.


bio-stimulation radiesse in Norwich
bio-stimulation radiesse in Norwich
bio-stimulation radiesse in Norwich

Full Face Rejuvenation Package 3 - £1,050





As Radiesse is placed underneath the surface of the skin, it will give an instant skin booster effect. This gives a tighter skin result, which looks healthier and more hydrated due to the collagen created.

Radiesse far surpasses regular skin boosters such as Profhilo or Jalupro as these do not create collagen, only last a matter of weeks due to the skin turning over every 30 days, and cost and maintenance is very high.

Clients aged 20 to 40, will typically already have natural volume but are looking for a preventative to ageing and want great skin.

Remember, BEFORE your face drops and loses density, Radiesse acts as a 'support' and 'hold' to the facial structure and therefore ageing is most definitely slowed down.


These clients may only require 1 syringe of Radiesse, with a follow up 1 to 3 months later; with maintenance every 1-1.5 years.




Clients aged 40/45+ will have typically lost volume, have mild to moderate loose and sagging skin and have suffered density loss, along with general facial tissue 'drop' which will become more and more present over the years, if no preventative measures are taken.

Clients may require 2 to 3 syringes of Radiesse in their first session. This sounds like a lot of product, but the face is a large area to cover and we want to be sure we are covering as much as we need too - along with using the product more densely in areas such as the cheeks for example, to build up volume and create as youthful looking appearance.

After the initial treatment, it is prudent to add a further 1 to 2 syringes 30 days later, to reach the target result.

After this, 1 or 2 syringes can be used every 1-1.5 years to maintain this result.

However, you do not HAVE to have a second lot of treatments if you do not wish.

Having two in the first session is perfectly OK, but if you desire a more satisfying result then you may have further treatments in order to build the tissue to reach a better aesthetic result, then you can maintain.


Natural Beauty



Combining Radiesse with other treatments such as dermal filler, botox/anti-wrinkle and PDO threads, will always give you maximum results as each modality targets a different part or area of the face.

On occasion we don't need all modalities all at once, but as we age, we need more than one as the ageing process accelerates; and in order to successfully slow it down, we must combine treatments for best results.

Botox/Anti-Wrinkle injections on their own are fine, but what about the sagging jawline, or flat cheeks?

This is where dermal filler, Radiesse and PDO threads come into play.

If you are unsure on what to book for, then why not book a free, no obligation consultation with Alison today where she will give you her honest opinion on what you may need to create a more youthful appearance.

Packages and prices can be found here.


RADIESSE - Target: skin

Radiesse will create collagen and elastin lost from the skin. This is turn will tighten up the skin like a brand new elastic band, which will pull everything together, as well as give you the most amazing glowing skin for around 2 years.

DERMAL FILLER - Target: bone loss:

Dermal filler will create bone that has been lost, so it can be used to give you amazing cheekbones that you once had, or give back definition in your jawline.

BOTOX/ANTI-WRINKLE - Target: muscles:

Botox/Anti-Wrinkle injections will smooth out the skin and soften the wrinkles in the upper face bringing back a more youthful and rested appearance.

PDO THREADS - Target: repositioning of fat pads:

PDO threads will lift and reposition the falling fat pads under the skin to give you back that triangle of youth appearance changing the shape of your face closer to how it was in your 20's.



Full Face Rejuvenation Package 1 - £800


Full Face Rejuvenation Package 4 - £1,250



After the age of 20, we lose 1% of collagen per year of life. The skin begins to lose collagen and elastin and thins out, the fat pads begin to drop (cheeks and jowls) and we start to lose bone density and thickness

This means that the skin ends up hanging like a loose sheet with nothing to fully support it due to the skins loss of collagen & elastin.


When injected under the skin, the CaHA (calcium hydroxylapatite) particles begin to integrate into your skin creating a 'scaffold' that stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin.

This collagen-making process keeps going for up tp 2 years; which enhances the benefits of the initial treatment.


Because Radiesse is biocompatible, it is eventually completely absorbed by the body, leaving behind

plumper, more youthful-looking skin that has been created by your body’s own collagen.

As Radiesse is biocompatible and therefore eventually absorbed, it means that this is a very safe procedure.




  • Radiesse can be used to create natural volume in the cheeks and temples.

  • Fill nasolabial and marionette lines.

  • Smokers lines around the top and bottom lips and around the mouth.

  • Build and create shape and structure in the jawline.


  • Volumise necklace lines, decollete/chest lines.

  • Redensify the backs of hands and loose skin on arms or legs.

  • Can be used to help smooth and improve the appearance of acne scarring.

  • Kickstart new collagen and elastin production 

  • Give a natural fresher, dewy and youthful glow to the skin





  • On the day of your appointment, your skin will be cleansed and prepped.

  • Radiesse is then administered just under the skin via a blunt cannula, and is pre-mixed with lidocaine for even more patient comfort, so pain is very minimal indeed.

  • Treatment time will be approximately 30-60 minutes, and patients may resume their regular day afterwards. Very minimal bruising (if any).

  • Radiesse is injected in sessions (discussed at your consult) to allow your body to absorb and begin forming collagen.

  • Each session will be spaced around 1 month apart.

  • Most patients will need 2-3 sessions however, some patients with more volume loss may need more sessions. We recommend a session every 1-1.5 years for maintenance once your skins goal has been achieved.

Individual Prices

1 syringe of Radiesse - £400
2 syringes of Radiesse - £650 
3 syringes of Radiesse - £900

Packages & Prices

Consultation - £50
This will be refunded if you are not a suitable candidate, or will go towards the cost of the procedure should we go ahead.


Full Face Rejuvenation Package 1 - £800 (saving of £100) 
(2 syringes of Radiesse and 3 areas botox/anti-wrinkle injections)

Full Face Rejuvenation Package 2 - £950 (saving of £150
(2 syringes of Radiesse, 3 areas botox/anti-wrinkle injections and 1ml filler for lips OR chin.)

Full Face Rejuvenation Package 3 - £1,050 (saving of £350)
(2 syringes of Radiesse, 3 areas botox/anti-wrinkle injections and 4ml filler)

Full Face Rejuvenation Package 4 - £1,250 (saving of £100)
(2 syringes of Radiesse, 3 areas botox/anti-wrinkle injections and PDO threads upper face lift)

Full Face Rejuvenation Package 5 - £1,500 (saving of £350)
(2 syringes of Radiesse, 3 areas botox/anti-wrinkle injections, PDO threads upper face lift and 4ml filler)
PDO Threads lift norwich

Full Face Rejuvenation Package 4 - £1,250

full face pdo thread lift norwich

Full Face Rejuvenation Package 1 - £800