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Chemical skin peels, skin treatment, in Norwich.


Professional chemical skin peels from NeoStrata® and Exuviance® help your skin renew itself by gentle, but effective exfoliation while at the same time stimulating cellular regeneration.


The unique combination of active molecules in these professional peels, give the maximum effect without irritation. A peel with either AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or Retinol is fast, simple, effective and has minimal down time. Both types of peel are superb for treating areas of hyper-pigmentation (age spots), wrinkles, fine lines acne and dry skin.


Regular chemical peels help counteract and prevent skin issues from occurring. Over time, they will strengthen the skin and its barrier - which will slow down the ageing process.


Your skin will be invigorated, brighter and softer after just one chemical peel treatment but for the best results you will need to have a series of treatments. The skins structure and tone will be more even and supple as the skins natural moisturising elements are stimulated to work harder and the result will be a healthier skin with a more youthful glow.


Both retinol and AHA peels can be combined in a treatment plan and can be alternated for maximum benefits. I will help you plan the best approach for your skin.



AHA is a collective term for fruit acids such as glycolic acid, mandelic acid and citric acid. It is applied to the skin either individually or in combination depending on your skin’s requirements or skin condition. Any treatment will be tailor made to suit your skin type and individual needs. Your skin will feel smooth and fresh immediately after an AHA peel treatment. Some individuals may experience minor flaking and dryness in the days following a peel. This is perfectly normal and will resolve quickly.


A 1% or 3% retinol peel is an extremely effective treatment. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A which exfoliates the skin while stimulating the formation of fresh, new skin cells. It works more beneath the skin as opposed to on top like the AHA peels.

It improves the skin's essential structure, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and delivers a more even skin tone. Retinol is also perfect for acne prone or oily skin as well as ageing or environmentally (UV) damaged skin.


The peel is applied in-clinic and is removed at home after several hours depending on the directions I will give you based on your skin’s requirements.

You can expect that your skin will develop mild to moderate dryness and flake, 2-3 days following the peel and this will last for a few days. This process is dependent on your skin type. Your skin will be completely healed, with renewed suppleness and vigour approximately a week after the peel treatment is performed.

PLEASE NOTE: before you are able to book a retinol peel, your skin MUST be primed. This means that you will need to have been using some sort of topical retinol products on your skin 28 days prior.

This is because the skin does not have many retinol receptors naturally, so going in with a 1%+ retinol peel straight on the face will cause 'retinol dermatitis'.

No clinic should ever perform retinol peel on you without the skin being primed first. Using more retinol on the skin than available retinol receptors - will result in the retinol being wasted and therefore, your money.


Your skin peel will be chosen by me once a thorough skin assessment has been done, bearing in mind your skin goals.

For every new client, I will always start with the lowest peel so that we can see how  your skin behaves and reacts. 

Going in to strong and harsh without building up a tolerance to peels will cause trauma and post inflammation to your skin - not what we want.  A lot of people incorrectly think that using the highest % available will solve all their skin issues faster when in fact the opposite is true!

I have the following peels available:​​

  • NeoStrata® ProSystem (AHA) Rejuvenating Peel - 20% glycolic acid

  • NeoStrata® ProSystem (AHA) Rejuvenating Peel - 35% glycolic acid

  • NeoStrata® ProSystem (AHA) Clarifying Peel - 30% mandelic & citric acid

  • NeoStrata® ProSystem Retinol Peel - 1% retinol (full 1% delivered into the skin)

  • NeoStrata® ProSystem Retinol Peel - 3% retinol (full 3% delivered into the skin)

It should be noted, that the above retinol peels deliver the FULL 1% and 3% retinol into the dermis of the skin. This is because pure form retinol into the skin will cause a lot of irritation, but because Neostrata have patented compounds in them, they can deliver a sufficiently high concentration of retinol; ensuring maximum efficacy while minimising the potential for irritation.

If you are investigating retinol peels that other clinics use, you should ask the technician how much retinol will actually be delivered into the dermis as most other brands that say they are using a 1% retinol peel for example, will actually only deliver 0.1% into the skin!

skin peels, skin peel treatment in Norwich

LEFT: before. RIGHT: after 2 Rejuvenating Peels

LEFT: before. RIGHT: after 4 Rejuvenating Peels

TOP: before. BOTTOM: after 2 retinol Peels

LEFT: before rosacea & rhytides. RIGHT: after 4 peels


& Skin Peel Packages

Combining microneedling with skin peels is a match made in heaven!

Directly targeting the skins' renewal mechanisms through stimulation of collagen and elastin production with microneedling, will provide a long lasting effect below the surface of the skin; while AHA and retinol peels help to resurface and refine the existing epidermis allowing the new, vibrant skin cells to be revealed. 


Since we can only safely perform, microneedling and/or skin peels every 3-4 weeks to allow for proper healing I would suggest we alternate microneedling and skin peels.

For example: Month 1; microneedling. Month 2; AHA skin peel. Month 3; microneedling. Month 4; retinol peel and so on.


This approach allows for maximal healing in between needling and peeling sessions and gives the skins regeneration processes time to stabilise between sessions.


Microneedling and skin peels work with the skin to generate new collagen and elastin naturally. The ultimate effects of microneedling will appear at their best between 2 and 3 months after the final treatment... before the process gradually begins to slow down again. 


Therefore I recommend maintenance treatments of microneedling 2-3 times per year to maintain the desired result. Regular peels will keep your skin looking its absolute best, and daily use of targeted skin care products which I can tailor to you, will support the salon treatments.

4 x sessions (alternating over 4 months) - £335 saving of £55

6 x sessions (alternating over 4 months) - £499 saving of £66

PLEASE NOTE: this service requires payment in full upfront



Like with anything, you get what you pay for and not all skin peels are created equal. NeoStrata® was founded by the scientists who discovered glycolic acid and patented the first glycolic peel and are now the leaders in scientifically & clinically proven skincare. They also own the patents to 'Bionic Polyhydroxy Acids', 'Neoglucosamine®' & 'Aminofil®'; all clinically & scientifically proven to yield outstanding and unrivalled results.

These added ingredients to the peels (only available in NeoStrata® & Exuviance® products) give much more than just a 'peeling' effect or 'exfoliation' of the skin like other peels do, as these plump the skin, have scientifically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with clinical evidence (see pictures above as proof), as well as induce collagen and eliminate any PIH (post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation) in the skin and reduce inflammation.


As said above, not all chemical peels are created equally. It is important to realise there is a lot of science behind these products and the combination, design, size and action of the molecules forming the basis of each product applied to the skin has everything to do with the results that can be achieved.
In 1974 the founders of NeoStrata
® discovered the profound benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) on skin, setting in motion a reputation for discovery and innovation in skincare that continues today.

So, please choose your peel wisely. An inferior product will often lead to an inferior result and mean that more treatments are required to achieve a similar result to a Neostrata
® peel. Also, please bear in mind that the best results with skin care are always achieved when the integrity of the skin is respected and maintained. Products that are gentle but effective will always achieve the best results with minimum complications and risks of side effects....

Going in hard and fast with high percentage peels will results in over-sensitised skin that won't respond to skin care and will be constantly red, inflamed and sore!


Both! Microneedling and skin peels yield similar end results, but each one achieves this in a uniquely different way.


Microneedling rebuilds the skins structure by repairing damage caused by acne scarring, UV exposure, fine lines and wrinkles, melasma (brown spots) premature ageing etc and skin peels renew, regenerate & invigorate the skin in a more preventative manor.


Think of it as; microneedling repairing the past and skin peels preparing for the future. Therefore, both methods work synergistically to drastically improve the skin.


The AHA peels and Retinol peels also work fantastically when alternated, as the AHA peels work more on the surface of the skin, whereas the retinol peels work beneath the skin.


Clients with mature skin will benefit the most, but essentially clients of all ages will benefit. Younger clients can use skin peels to keep their complexion fresh in the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines.

Skin peels can benefit: inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne, blackheads and comedones, rough texture, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, skin ageing and photo damaged skin.

Skin peels are recommended weekly or fortnightly for optimum results.


Chemical peels penetrate much deeper into the skin than superficial peels and carry much more risk of skin burning and downtime. 

It is always preferable to have more frequent superficial skin peels on a weekly or fortnightly basis, than one medium or deep chemical peel.

The results are more beneficial and by far the safer option as chemical burns are real!


There should be no actual 'pain' during the procedure, but with the AHA peels, you will feel a slight burning/itching sensation for the first few seconds as it is applied. This is absolutely nothing to worry about and should only feel at a level 2/10 pain wise. Your skin may be a little red looking or 'flushed' but will quickly subside.

There is ZERO pain with the retinol peels as they are applied in my clinic and washed off at home after a number of hours.


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