Permanent Makeup Tattoo Removal,
Microblading Removal in Norwich 

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Eyebrow tattoo removal in Norwich

eyebrow, microblading removal in Norwich

Eyebrow tattoo removal in Norwich

Permanent Makeup Tattoo Removal in Norwich

Non-laser eyebrow tattoo semi permanent makeup removal in Norwich.

Safe and non-laser saline removal in Norwich.

Due to the growing popularity of eyebrow microblading in Norwich, there are now a significant number of people taking cheap and basic training classes with the goal to offer a microblading service at cut prices.


Because this training is more of a high level overview rather than a thorough training programme, these people lack the knowledge needed to successfully create brows that will stand the test of time.


This means that for you, the client, you may now have been left with a disappointing set of brows that are far less than the expected or desired results.

It could be that your brows are misshapen, or that the pigment looks dark and blue (the pigment has been implanted too deep into the skin), or your brows are very saturated with pigment and/or the pigment you do have is a salmon/reddish colour.


Or perhaps you have some eyeliner that has migrated, or a wing that is lopsided?

Whatever the issue, if you have had a permanent makeup disaster, I can help!


I'm the only removal technician in Norfolk that is fully certified to perform non-laser pigment lightening/removal.


I use 'Li-FT' by Li Pigments; a safe, high content salt and fruit seed extract solution that deems extremely effective in pigment lightening and removal.

Please scroll down below or click here for the step-by-step process of removal.

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HEALED after 1 session with Li-FT

Semi permanent eyeliner tattoo removal in Norwich

Emergency Removal in Norwich

In the unfortunate event you have undergone some type of permanent makeup and are unhappy with the results, it IS possible for me to successfully completely remove WITHIN 24-48 hours after the procedure. 

Time is of the essence here, so you would need to come in and see me immediately.

Removal beyond 48hrs from the initial procedure will not be possible as the skin will have fully closed. If this is the case, you will need to wait the full 6-8 weeks from your initial procedure to heal before I can begin removal on the area.

Due to the strict time window with emergency removal and my immediate availability, this service is charged at £300.

I am available for this service at any time of day or night and have even done an emergency removal at 10:30pm!

The sooner the pigment is removed, the more successful the result. 

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Emergency eyebrow tattoo removal in Norwich


Removal: 1 session of either brow, lip liner or eyeliner - £100

You will receive £50 off a new replacement like-for-like service of brows, eyeliner or lips when you have 2 or more removal sessions.

Typically, it will take between 2-5 sessions for removal.

EMERGENCY REMOVAL within 24-48hrs - £300

Full payment is due upon arrival before the service begins.

No! Getting rid of, or attempting to lighten your own brows at home is not a good idea or advised. There are some sources out there on the internet that suggest ways you can get rid of, or lighten your unwanted microbladed brows (or whatever it is you don't like), but the fact is, is that these methods won't actually remove or really lighten the pigment in your skin enough, to the point where you will be happy or satisfied.

This is because home DIY methods do not either break down the pigment inside your body like a laser would, nor do they physically draw it out of your body like a professional saline solution would.

Scrubbing your brows is a definite no because not only will you not pull or draw out any pigment from the skin, but you will end up badly damaging the skin causing it to break open and bleed, leaving room for infections, and worse of all; scarring! Once pigment is in the skin, you cant just 'pull' it out again by washing the area.

The professional Li-FT saline solution I use, scientifically pulls the pigment out of the skin by osmosis. You cannot achieve anywhere near this effect by using 'at home' methods as it's just not possible. All you end up doing is scrubbing an area that has already been traumatised by the original treatment, and making things worse.

If you have just had any form or permanent makeup done and you are unhappy with the results, I can pretty much successfully remove it (or parts of it if preferred) if it is done so within 48hrs of the original procedure (see details of emergency removal above).

In some cases it is possible to colour correct with neutralising pigments over recently completed work and in certain cases it is also possible to do this with old work. However it is a scientific fact that it is NOT possible to microblade over any type of previous work unless it is at least 80% faded


This is due to the very art of microblading; which is thin hair-like strokes. This process is insufficient in covering and correcting previous work. It is like painting a blue wall with red stripes; you will be leaving gaps between those red stripes leaving the blue to show through. So the microbladed stokes themselves, will not be enough to successfully cover or correct. The result will look a mess with blurred lines and a multitude of colours coming through the skin, not to mention that more pigment has now been added to the mix.


Where a brow can be colour corrected, then a powder/ombre brow is the only way to do this. The old pigment will need to be neutralised before the target colour (brown for example) can be used to cover. Because of all the pigment that will now be sitting in your brow, there are no guarantees the brows will really look that nice, or that the old colour won't eventually come through at some point down the line. The current shape will also have to be pretty decent to correct over too. If the shape is not your desired shape, then we can do a part removal.

If it is possible to colour correct, but your brow shape is not what you want, then I can spot remove those parts you don't want (so there is less trauma and better healing), then, we can work over the old brow whilst creating you a beautiful set of new brows!

Below are some examples of where REMOVAL is necessary. None of these brows below can be microbladed over or colour corrected with a powder brow over the top.

If you have similar brows, then removal will be the best option for you:

microblading removal norwich
eyebrow removal norwich
brow removal norwich
tattoo removal norwich
saline eyebrow tattoo removal
The Process of Saline Tattoo Removal

What happens when you arrive at your removal appointment:

I like to be completely honest with my clients as although removal is not the prettiest of procedures, it's often the best route to go down in getting rid of or lightening your current work you are unhappy with.

Each session will need 8 weeks of healing in between. This is non-negotiable and no time can be shaved off the 8 weeks whatsoever as the integrity of the skin is most important here. Attempting removal earlier than 8 weeks can cause a lot more trauma to the skin as it will not be fully healed and this will result in scarring.

1. Once you arrive at my clinic, I will immediately apply my good quality numbing cream for 10 mins (10 mins is all we need for a full numb).

Once the 10 mins are up, I simply begin working on the removal process.

2. I make up to 4 passes on each area, depending on the level of pigment saturation in the skin and how I feel your skin is looking. I never do more than I need to as I want to make sure your skin stays as healthy as possible.

I apply my numbing cream throughout the serice to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

However, you may feel some discomfort during the removal process as I can only use numbing cream with lidocaine in.

When performing permanent makeup on the brows, eyes or lips, we use a secondary numbing gel (once the skin is open), that has epinephrine in.

Epinephrine is a vasoconstrictor - meaning that it basically restricts the blood flow in that direct area so you do not bleed. Because of this, you feel a lot less pain.

When doing removals, we want that blood to flow as it's going to help the process and pull that pigment right out, therefore we cannot use a numb gel with epinephrine in - only lidocaine to help stop the pain.

3. After I have made all my necessary passes, I then apply a good generous coating of the Li-FT to the area to soak in for 10 mins. You will feel a slight stinging when this happens, but it is perfectly normal and subsides after a moment or two.

4. Once that is complete, I wipe the area and give you a gift bag with very detailed instructions on how to look after your brows/eyes/lips during the healing process. You will be supplied with a full aftercare kit.

Once my job is complete, the healing process is now the most important part, so please make sure you follow the instructions to a 'T' as this is imperative to achieving good results with the process.

Lastly, please be patient! Removal is a process and I do not have a magic wand. It may take 1 session, or 2 or 3 or 4 sessions to get to a place where we are happy, but if you trust the process, I promise you it will work and we will soon have you sporting a brand new set of brows, eyes or lips soon enough!

Frequently Asked Questions


I use a product called Li-FT to remove unwanted tattoos and permanent makeup. It is a natural salt solution made from high grade finely ground sea salt, aloe and lightening fruit seed extracts. The solution is implanted into the skin, and the solution pulls the pigment out of the skin by osmosis.

Osmosis is a process by which molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semi-permeable membrane (the skin) from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one, thus equalizing the concentrations on each side of the membrane. Basically, it draws the unwanted pigment to the top of the skin and out the body.


If you have some permanent makeup you want removing whether it be eyebrows, eyeliner or lipliner, then saline removal using Li-FT is going to be the best option for you.

This is simply because although laser will do a good job in removing the unwanted permanent makeup, it will leave the skin scarred and incredibly difficult to work over - especially if you want a better set of eyebrows, eyeliner or lip liner.

Microneedling may be required to help smooth out the scarred skin so I can work over the top, but laser will always damage the skin on the face.

Saline removal does and will take longer to heal initially, but the skin remains perfectly intact with absolutely no scarring or surface damage.


Lasers work by breaking the pigment/ink into smaller pieces pushing it back into the body and this is then removed by the lymph and waste system. Laser removal can be very successful, however it does tend to only work well on certain colours. skin that has been laser treated is often difficult to re-tattoo as it can scar. The area may then require microneedling to prepare the surface for any future work. Lasers work better on removing larger body tattoos.

Laser removal often scars and damages the area, meaning that if you want a new set of brows or eyeliner, it will not be possible. This is where saline removal is preferred over laser for permanent makeup removals.


On average most eyebrow and eyeliner removals will require 2 – 5 sessions with each session being 8 weeks apart.

Exactly how many sessions you will need is impossible to know or predict as it depends on certain factors such as skin type, location, colour, amount of ink, scarring or tissue change and layering.

If we are removing or lightening eyebrows or eyeliner, then you will 'most likely' on average be looking at 2/3 sessions for the result to be light enough for me to cover up with new work.

You will receive £50 off a new set of brows or eyeliner if you have 2 sessions or more of removal.

Please note: it will be at my discretion as to how many sessions will be needed before any cover up work can safely begin.


I use a very high quality numbing cream before I start the removal. The process is often not as painful as having the tattoo done originally. At the end of the treatment the saline solution is soaked onto the treated area for a few minutes. This can sting, but subsides quickly. 

You will be given an aftercare pack with full instructions, to take home with you.


Most people will see a difference after each session. You won't see an 'immediate' effect straight after the procedure, but you will once the scabbing has gone and the skin starts to heal. In every session the ink is pulled further out of the skin. This can happen at different rates depending on many factors, but it will happen. Patience is the key to removal.


- When you arrive, I will immediately apply numbing cream to the treated area(s) for around 10 mins.

- Working on one eye at a time, I will then make one pass through the area to be treated, with the Li-FT solution.

- Once this is completed, I will apply more numbing to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

- I will then move onto the other area/brow/eye and make my first pass, then apply numbing, as with the previous area.


- I then repeat the process making 2 more passes (3 passes in total) on the area(s) to be removed or lightened.

- After the 3 passes, the saline solution will be generously applied to the affected area for 10 mins. This is then gently wiped off.


You will be given an aftercare pack to take away with FULL instructions on how to look after and care for the tattoo we have removed, in the coming weeks.

Before you leave, I will schedule you in for a follow up appointment and potential second session for 8 weeks later. Regardless of whether we do a second session, I must see you 8 weeks later to assess and see how the skin has healed. 

At this point, we will either proceed with a second removal/lightened session, or go ahead and give you a new set of brows or eyeliner.


I won't lie, the procedure is not the prettiest, but the results are well worth the wait and going through the removal/lightning process to achieve a much better canvas to work over.

Putting more and more pigment into the skin will ultimately end up in an even bigger mess - to the point where removal/lightning can become a very difficult and a very lengthy and expensive process.

The area may look a little red and possibly bruised (mainly the eye area) for a few days. The area will start to scab and this will last for around a week or so.

Li-FT removal norwich

The pictures below show the process immediately after the procedure and the week following so you can see the realistic healing process.

eyebrow removal norwich
eyebrow tattoo removal norwich
saline eyebrow tattoo removal norwich
saline tattoo removal norwich
semi permanent makeup removal norwich
tattoo removal norwich

If you still have any questions of queries about this process, or are unsure whether removal/lightning is suitable for you, then please do not hesitate to contact me here.

I will ask you to send me a nice clear photo of your area to be removed as then I will be able to advise you best.