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Dermal Fillers and Facial Fillers
in Norwich

What Are Lip Fillers and Dermal Fillers in Norwich?

Lip Fillers in Norwich and Dermal Fillers
in Norwich.

Russian Technique Lip Fillers in Norwich.


Dermal fillers are used to add lost volume, for wrinkle correction, lip augmentation, the correction of bags under the eyes and shaping certain facial areas (for example, cheek, chin, jaw,...).

They are made from hyaluronic acid, which is a natural ingredient in our bodies, so it's administration is safe.

Over the years, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our body is reduced because the acid is broken down by the hyaluronidase enzyme. With our own hyaluronic acid degrading, we lose volume, the elasticity of the skin, bone shrinkage, wrinkles appear, and the facial skin sags.

Adding hyaluronic acid in the form of injecting fillers, restores or adds volume.

It is also important to know that if we do not like the result after injecting hyaluronic acid (filler), it can be dissolved by injecting the hyaluronidase enzyme.


Rejuvenation of the face with fillers is suitable for the correction of all areas of the face, including;

- lips

- jawline/chin

- cheeks

- under eyes (tear troughs)

- nose (non-surgical rhinoplasty)

- mouth (marionette lines)

Advanced 8 point face lift norwich
liquid rhinoplasty nose filler norwich
chin filler norwich

Lip Fillers and Dermal Fillers in Norwich.

Packages & Prices


Cheek Enhancement 1ml -  £200

Cheek Enhancement 2ml -  £300

Cheek Enhancement & Apples (mid-face) 2ml -  £300

Cheek Enhancement & Apples (mid-face) 3ml -  £400


Nasolabial Folds (nose to mouth lines) - 1ml - £200

Nasolabial Folds & Lower Face Heaviness 2ml - £300

Nasolabial Folds, Lower Face Heaviness, Marionette Lines (mouth to chin lines) & Chin Crease 3ml - £400


Chin Augmentation 1ml - £200

Jawline Augmentation 2ml - £300


Liquid Rhinoplasty - £250


Hand Rejuvenation 1ml (subtle results) - £200

Hand Rejuvenation 2ml - £300


The Advanced 8-Point Face Lift - £750

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