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LaserTattoo Removal, in Norwich 

Laser Tattoo Removal in Norwich

Laser body tattoo and permanent makeup removal in Norwich.


Generally speaking, lasers are a focussed beam of light that uses a singular colour to target a certain area on the skin while leaving the skin around it completely unharmed.

The various wavelengths produced by laser (red, blue, green etc) are absorbed by different targets (unwanted body tattoos, or eyebrow tattoos etc) in the skin.

The laser light is converted into heat energy when it hits the target, thereby destroying the target and removing it from the skin.


Interestingly, a body tattoo would be completely removed naturally by the body in around 300 to 400 years - obviously if we were alive that long! Since we are only alive for around 85yrs on average, and would typically have a tattoo for around 60 years of that life at most, the tattoo will never fade enough to the point of satisfaction (if you wanted it gone for example), or really that noticeably faded.

It may have faded a little close to the 60yr mark, but not much. This is because 60 years is not long enough for the body to naturally break down the ink particles in the body and remove them via the lymph system.

Where lasers come into this, is that the laser beam targets the ink/pigment particles and blasts them into much smaller bitesize pieces so that the body can remove the ink/pigment easier and faster.

Think of your tattoo as a huge meal you have to eat in just a few large bites, but, were you to eat the meal using a fork taking smaller bitesize pieces, you can finish that meal easier and quicker.

Once the laser has broken the ink/pigment into much smaller digestible pieces, the body then gets to work in removing the particles via the lymph system over a number of weeks.

Before and immediatly after eyebrow tattoo laser removal in Norwich

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Before and immediatly after eyeliner tattoo laser removal in Norwich

Anti Wrinkle injections in Norwich


Laser removal is actually much more complicated than people think. It is not just a case of turning the laser machine on, pointing it at the tattoo, and zapping away!

There is much more to be considered; such as the overall power/output of the machine, the settings of the machine for each tattoo (fluence), placement of tattoo on the body, depth the ink was implanted at and the saturation level of ink.

For eyebrows, this is even further complicated in that pigments used for eyebrows are made up of varying colours mixed together to make a 'brown' and it is this mixture that can make the outcome of removal unpredictable for laser technicians who don't understand the science behind these pigments and what types of colours are in them. A lot of money, sessions and time gets wasted for the client.

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botox anti wrinkle injections in norwich, norfolk
botox anti wrinkle injections in norwich, norfolk



Eyebrows or Lips - £80

Eyeliner - £100


Body Tattoos - from £50


Carbon Facials - £80

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