Lip Fillers in Norwich

Lip Fillers in Norwich

Lip Fillers and Russian Lip Fillers
in Norwich.

Enhancing your natural lips;

Enhancing & lifting the natural body of the lip is what I do best.

Your lips can be big & beautiful if done correctly to suit your own lip shape.

I offer a variety of new & current lip techniques including the most popular; Russian and Doll lips.

I specialise in Russian and Doll Lips which will give you that sharp cupid’s bow, defined border, increase vertical anatomy and a flatter side profile.


Lip enhancements go hand in hand with either Lip Blush tattoo or

Lipstick Look tattoo as this can give you a little extra colour in the lips to compliment the new fullness and shape we have created.


How much filler do I need in my lips?

How much filler you choose to have is down to personal preference, lip size and/or the amount of previous filler.

However, if this is your first treatment, I would recommend 1ml.

0.5ml –  is best suited as a top up once you have reached your desired lip shape, but 'can' work for those clients who are unsure of the outcome, and would just like a tiny bit of definition and are happy to be patient with the results. However, once the swelling has subsided, you are likely to want a little more. It is just cost prohibitive to do it this way and I don't encourage this.


1ml is the perfect amount if it is your first time. It might seem like a lot, but I can assure you, it is not. You will look a little swollen immediately after, but once the swelling goes down, they will settle to be visibly more plumped and volumised - without overdoing it.


It should take around 2-3 sessions to build your lips to your desired shape.

Lip fillers and Russian lip fillers in Norwich

lip filler norwich

Lip filler in Norwich

lip filler norwich

Lip filler midway with left side done.

lip filler norwich

Before and.after 1ml lip fillers in Norwich

lip filler norwich

Russian lip filler in Norwich

Will my lips look too big?

The overblown puffy look lips are because too much filler has been put in the lips with no definition created, or the filler has migrated because far too much has been placed incorrectly in the border, or generally overall.

It is important your practitioner tells you when to stop to avoid this look and you can rest assured I will ALWAYS be truthful and will not treat you until I feel enough filler has subsided to add a little more.

With my signature techniques, you can have a fuller look (if desired) without looking like a duck, as we will carefully curate your lips exactly how you want them.

I never overtreat my clients lips as I strongly believe that those kinds of looks are not attractive and can actually make you look older. Some very well and strategically placed filler can literally knock years off of your face.

On the flip side, I never under treat my clients as that can lead to disappointment.

I will always be honest and direct with you with what we can achieve and what I think will look aesthetically pleasing for you.

If you want big lips, I will give them to you within reason.


Lip Filler 0.5ml (for top ups only) - £150

Lip Filler 1ml (inc. Russian/my 'Signature' Lip techniques)- £180


Lip Filler Dissolving (elective) - £150

If you would like to book an appointment to have your lips done by myself, but you have previous filler in them, then you may need to have them dissolved. You will need to send me a nice clear picture from the front and sides for assessment.

If you have very little to no filler in your lips, then dissolving will most likely not be necessary.

Filling lips that are heavily filled and/or migrated should not be filled more, as this only adds further to the problem and is not something I will be prepared to do.

If you would like me to create a nice full shape with a crisp vermillion border, juicy plumpness and a beautifully defined cupids bow in my signature style, then I can only do this with lips that have little to no filler in them - I'm sorry, but I won't overfill lips and I cannot create nice lips in my style on lips too filled either.

Lip Fillers Treatment Summary:

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Back to Work





0.5ml -  £150

1ml - £180

Risks & Complications


Full Recovery

14 days

Duration of Results

9-12 months+


hours/couple days