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Microblading Eyebrows - £225

Are you looking for something with a more natural healed result? If so, then Microblading is just for you!

Microblading is designed to give us a very natural, individual hairlike look.

Although this is not the desired outcome for some, but for those people who are looking to fill in spots, or create a little bit more definition, this is where microblading can help.


This technique will create a very very soft looking brow, so in my professional opinion, it is best suited to those clients who already have around 80% of brow hair.

This is because the microblading will have the hair to blend into and it will be virtually undetectable.

If microblading is performed on a brow with little to no hair, then it will look more obvious between the natural hairs and pigment underneath the skin. There will be no shading to blend the two textures together.

At the appointment we will do a mini consult (if you did not book a separate consult), making sure this technique is right for you. We then start by drawing on your brow design. We agree on a design together, and then discuss what colour options would be right for you. The actual microblading part takes about 30-45 minutes.

I use only the highest quality grade supplies, pigments, and sterile blades.

This technique will last around 18-24 months before a booster is needed.

I use Permablend pigments which are considered to be the best pigments in the industry by most permanent makeup artists as well as body tattooists.



This is an important part of the treatment and whether you come along for a separate consult, or have a brief one at the start of the session, I will always talk things through with you.

During the consult, I will do the pre-draw making sure you have perfect symmetry and that you are absolutely happy with the shape before any microblading/PMU work goes ahead.



The initial procedure will take around 2 hours, so please do allow plenty of time so that I do not feel rushed.

Once the pre-draw has been done and you are happy with it, the actual procedure will begin.

You will be FULLY numbed throughout the procedure to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Most clients say the pain is around a 2-3 out of 10.



Aftercare is probably the second most important part of the treatment after the pre-draw as this is what will determine your final results. It is of the utmost importance that you follow my in-depth instructions (taken away with you in the form of a card) as I have worked hard to find the best aftercare for my clients and one that will yield almost perfectly healed results.

You will be given a little aftercare goodie bag to take home with you.

Additional Information:


A patch test is required to be performed at least 24 hours before each appointment. Without one, I'm unable to go ahead with the treatment.

You are welcome to pop in and have me perform the test on you, which literally takes seconds, or I can post one out to you with full instructions.

It is a very simple test and can either be done by yourself, or with someone to help you.

It is incredibly rare to have any reaction at all to the pigments as they are mostly organic in compound, but it is still possible - hence the need for a test.

You will be patch tested for all the products that will be used on and in your skin; the pigments and the lidocaine (numbing gel/cream).


Consultations are great to have and are recommended - especially for those clients who are still a little unsure and would like some assurance about the procedure, to see more pictures and have me put your mind at ease.

During the consultation (which takes around 20 minutes), I will perform a patch test, draw on a very rough eyebrow shape just to give you an idea, choose the pigment that matches the closest with your current brow hair and answer any questions you may have.

*PLEASE NOTE: consultations are charged at £50 (non-refundable). This is redeemable against the cost of the treatment should you go ahead and book.


If you have previous permanent makeup/tattoo on your brows, eyes or lips, then you will need to email me a photograph showing what you currently have, as clear as possible, so I can determine whether I will be able to cover up, or work over it.

Not all previous work can be covered up or worked over for a few reasons:

  • If there is still a lot of pigment in the skin as the skin just won't be able to take any more pigment - just like filling a bucket full of water.

  • If the previous work is poorly shaped, then designing a new shape over the top has to be considered carefully.

  • If the previous work has changed colour to a blue/greenish tint or red/orange tint. Again, depending on the level of the saturation, will depend if more pigment can be added to the skin, or colour corrected, without the previous work showing through once healed.