PDO ThreadsFace Lift
in Norwich

PDO Threads Face Lift in Norwich

PDO Threads Face Lift in Norwich.



This is a non-invasive procedure where temporary surgical sutures are gently inserted under the skin to produce a subtle, fresh and natural lifted appearance.

PDO Threads are dissolving threads that are inserted into the face to create instant lifting results, and long term collagen regrowth.

PDO threads dissolve fully in the skin in around 3-4 months, but still continue to produce collagen within the skin which tightens it.

The threads are used to reposition the falling fat pads by pulling the skin/fat back to where it should be whilst lifting and tightening the face. 

PDO Threads Lift in Norwich, Norfolk

Signature Vertical Cheek Lift £450 - PDO Threads Lift Norwich


Signature Vertical Cheek Lift £450 - PDO Threads Lift Norwich

Threads are suitable for mild to moderate sagging tissue and generally suit the age group of 20-45 years. 

As well as the results being instant, it is important to know that PDO threads will not achieve a surgical face lift result, but will create a more soft and natural lift; which I feel is important to a lot of clients who want to look better, but do not want everyone to know they have had work done.

Very often, clients feel that they need lift, and so seek a PDO thread treatment. However, in many cases where there is great density loss in the tissue and so PDO threads as a stand alone treatment will not give the desired expectation due to this volume loss in the tissue overall.

Therefore, a combination of PDO threads and dermal filler is required to give the desired and maximum result.

I offer a set of different full face packages to suit each client.


I generally advise that for each decade over the age of 20 years old, you have one PDO thread treatment.

Therefore, if you are 30 years old, you may be happy with one treatment, if you are 40, you may require two treatments; 8-12 weeks apart.

You can then maintain this every 12-18 months.

You can check HERE to find out whether you will be a good candidate for a PDO thread lift.


PDO Threads Lift in Norwich, Norfolk

Signature Vertical Cheek Lift £450 - PDO Threads Lift Norwich

Why Choose Alison for a PDO Threads lift ?

Alison is one of the UK's leading and foremost PDO threads lift specialists and experts. 
She has had some of the most extensive and rigorous trainings available in the UK and has been lucky enough to train with some of the best thread experts and doctors/surgeons worldwide.

PDO threads is very much a highly skilled and advanced procedure with a lot of complications if not performed correctly.
When performed correctly and skillfully, it really is a wonderful 
procedure to have done.
healed pdo threads lift norwich

Not only her extensive knowledge of threads and anatomy and physiology of the face, but her methods and techniques - which are currently not being taught or performed by anyone else in the UK.

PDO thread techniques in the UK are taught and performed on a very basic level, with very little education and understanding on them - meaning everyone threads the same way; using the same threads in the same basic, cookie-cutter pattern.
healed pdo threads lift norwich
It is because of this that has led Alison to harness the power of PDO threads and change the industry... and with much research and help from her medical professors and mentors, she, along with her collegue Nicky Tye, has developed a signature technique that is not only considered extremely advanced, but gives superior lift and hold for the client.
healed pdo threads lift norwich
healed pdo threads lift norwich
Therefore, our results with this technique speak for themselves and the one thing you never see from PDO thread practitioners are healed results... because they are simply not getting them; along with choosing the wrong patient and PDO lifting everyone!

Here at Alison Mary Aesthetics, we have a selection of healed PDO threads lifts along with criteria on who is and isn't a good candidate for optimum results.
Packages & Prices

Consultation - £50

This will be refunded if you are not a suitable candidate, or will go towards the cost of the procedure.

Signature Vertical Cheek Lift (upper face)  - £450

Additional Threads (for example brow lift/fox eyes - typically 6 extra are needed for this) - £30 each


The 'Silver' Thread & Filler Package - £750

('Signature Vertical Cheek Lift' and 3.3ml filler distributed between cheeks and chin. Lips are NOT included in this package.)

The 'Gold' Thread & Filler Package - £850
('Signature Vertical
 Cheek Lift' and 4.4ml filler distributed between cheeks, lips and chin.)

The 'Platinum' Thread & Filler Package -
('Signature Vertical Cheek Lift' and 5.5ml filler distributed between cheeks, jaw, chin OR lips.)