PDO Thread and Face Lift
in Norwich

PDO Thread and Face Lift in Norwich

PDO Thread Face and Neck Lift in Norwich.


This is a non-invasive procedure which is an alternative to a surgical face lift.

Temporary surgical sutures are gently inserted under the skin to produce a subtle but visible lift in the face.

The threads are used to 'suspend' the skin by pulling the skin back slightly and therefore lifting and tightening the face.

PDO Threads are dissolving threads that are injected/inserted into the face to create instant lifting results, and long term collagen regrowth. PDO threads dissolve fully in the skin in around 3-4 months, but still continue to produce collagen within the skin.
As well as the results being instant, they are also EXTREMELY natural which I feel is important to a lot of clients who want to look better, but do not want everyone to know they have had work done.
Virtually pain free with very little downtime, PDO threads are fast becoming the ultimate in an alternative to expensive facial surgery...
You can check HERE as to whether you will be a good candidate for a PDO thread lift.


Fox Eye PDO Thread Lift in Norwich

pdo thread face lift norwich

Cat Eye and Fox Eye PDO Thread Lift in Norwich

'Full Face Thread Face Lift Package 2' - £600
PDO thread face lift in Norwich, Norfolk
PDO thread neck lift in Norwich
Full face PDO thread lift in Norwich
Packages & Prices
Below are 2 packages I have put together to suit a range of clients and their needs:


Package 1; Soft & Subtle - £400

For younger clients who are just looking for a gentle lift and a subtle rejuvenation. Great for preventing jowling. Ages 30+.

Package 1 Includes (but is not limited to):

Up to 4 cog lifting threads and up to 20 mono threads to stimulate collagen and elastin production.


Package 2; The 'Non-Surgical Face Lift' - £600

This is the full monty of thread lifts for a full face refresh with no limitations and no surgery!
This is ideal for clients 45/50+ looking for a more obvious (yet natural) rejuvenation.

Package 2 Includes (but is not limited to):
Up to 3mls of filler to help build structure before threads are placed - if this is needed.
As many moulding cogs (highest tensile strength available for max pull and lift) that are needed each side of the face for lift and as many mono threads as needed per side for skin rejuvenation.


Package 3; The 'Non-Surgical Face & Neck Lift' - £800

This is 'Package 2' and the 'Neck Lift' combined with a saving of £100 when booked together.
The face and neck lift work in synergy together to give you the ultimate in neck and facial rejuvenation from the shoulders up!

This is ideal for clients 45/50+ looking for a more obvious (yet natural) rejuvenation.

Package 3 Includes:
Everything that is included in Package 2 and the Neck Lift.
Neck Lift - £300:
Always a forgotten part of the body, yet the one part that literally gives your age away as we concentrate so highly on the face itself!

Neck Lift Includes:
As many
 moulding cogs (highest tensile strength available for max pull and lift) that are needed each side of the neck for lift and as many mono threads as needed for skin rejuvenation.
Will I Be A Good Candidate For PDO Threads?

Assessing correctly who is and isn't a good candidate for thread lifts is the most important part of the consultation for me.

However, before you go ahead and book a consultation, below are the 3 main criteria I use to ensure the outcome is going to be in line with your goals and that you will be a good candidate for the procedure:

1. Realistic expectations. If your expecting a lot of skin to be pulled back or the outcome to be extreme, then surgery (face lift) would be a better option for you.

If you are however looking for a subtle refresh that is noticeable (for you), yet natural looking and makes you look more tight, fresh and awake, then you will be a good candidate. The ideal candidate will have mild to moderate skin laxity.


2. Heaviness/fullness around the face. Non-surgical PDO face/neck lifts work by pulling mainly on the excess skin - hence the need for a non-surgical face lift.

Threads will not pull fat pads as they are too heavy. If you have a fuller, more rounded face or weight on your face (mainly on the jawline/neck), then you will not be a good candidate as you will not get any lift at all.

3. Someone comfortable with having procedures on their face. If you have had any procedures previously such as filler (needle/cannula), botox, facial surgery etc, then you are likely going to be ok with having PDO threads inserted into your skin. If procedures like these concern you too much and you are not comfortable with cannulas and PDO threads being inserted into your skin, then this may not be the procedure for you. Im happy to discuss this in more detail at your free consultation.


Package 1; Soft & Subtle - £400

Package 2; 'Non-Surgical Face Lift' - £600

Package 3; 'Non-Surgical Face & Neck Lift' - £800


Neck Lift - £300

Different Types of PDO Threads

Mono Threads

Cog Threads

Screw Threads

pdo thread lift norwich

Mono threads are a type of single PDO filament. These threads are smooth and are minimally invasive.

Once in the skin, the threads activate collagen synthesis for a gradual skin tightening and skin rejuvenation effect.

pdo thread lift norwich

Cog threads are similar to mono threads but contain barbs that attach and 'hook' to the underside of the skin. These are used to create the lift in the skin - similar to a face lift, but less dramatic.

If you’re looking to give areas of your face more volume, screw threads are an excellent option. 

To create a V-shape face, screw threads help to reverse sunken areas and give the face a non-surgical facelift.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PDO Thread face lift?

A PDO Thread face lift is a procedure which uses dissolvable threads to lift, elongate and create collagen in the skin on the face.

How does a PDO Thread face lift work?

A PDO Thread face lift works by pulling up the skin on the face by the use of PDO threads. These threads have either cog or barbs to hold the skin positioned once they are in place - depending on your desired outcome.

How is a PDO Thread lift performed?

A PDO Thread face lift is a relatively quick procedure performed. You will first be marked out to ensure symmetry of result. Local anaesthetic is then provided to the treatment area to improve the comfort of the procedure. Threads are then expertly placed to complete the procedure.

Can a PDO thread lift be achieved with anti-wrinkle (botox) injections?

No. The lift provided by anti-wrinkle (botox) injections cannot reliably ever produce these results as the muscles do not lift or pull the skin in the way we want too. Also, we dont have a 'jowl' muscle so there is no way for anti-wrinkle injections to solve a sagging jowl/jaw issue, or even neck.

Can a PDO thread face lift be achieved with filler?

Yes and No. Fillers fill and PDO threads lift. Together, working in synergy, the two can have an extremely powerful effect, but if the skin is more lax on say a more mature client, then filler will have little to no effect and this is where I may suggest enhancing and complimenting your thread-lift with a touch of well placed dermal filler; if I think a sprinkle here and there can improve the longevity of results.

Is a PDO thread face lift procedure safe?

Yes! This is a safe procedure using dissolving biocompatible surgical threads. These threads are composed of the same types of material used in a general operation. The most common risks of a PDO Thread face lift includes swelling and bruising that are short lived. This will be discussed during your consultation as they relate to you.

Will I have a scar?

No - not at all. The very nature of this procedure means that there are no incisions and no scars. Scar tissue forms when the skin is damaged and it cannot repair itself properly. Nothing like this occurs with the procedure so any incision marks will heal beautifully within around 7-10 days.

Is the treatment painful?

You may be provided with a local anaesthetic injection, which stings but is short lived. After this, the procedure is relatively painless. You will just feel pressure, or pushing or pulling. It can feel a little strange, but is perfectly normal. I do try to avoid using local anaesthetic injections however, as they cause a lot of swelling in the area which can make judging symmetry a little harder.

What is the downtime?

A PDO Thread face lift will heal in around 7-10 days (can be up to 2 weeks) as swelling and bruising settles and subsides. Most of my clients experience very little in the way of bruising or swelling. It all comes down to the individual, however. You may feel a little tightness in the face where the threads have been inserted as you turn your head, wash your face, eat/drink and talk etc, but this is all normal and part of the process and can last between 2-4 weeks. I usually suggest clients book for a PDO thread lift at a time where they do not have any special occasions or holidays etc for 4 weeks - just in the case of extreme bruising and slight discomfort. You may and can feel the threads for several weeks after the procedure and this is normal. This will subside as they embed into the skin more. They will dissolve in around 3-4 months, so any issues will always be resolved by then regardless. Once inserted, collagen begins to form around the threads in a tube shape. As they thread begins to dissolve, that tube of collagen that has formed around the thread is left in place of the thread (cog or mono thread). The more threads we insert to lift and pull, the more collagen that is created that takes over this lift and pull; leaving you with smoother and better quality lifted skin. You will be given a detailed aftercare card on how to look after your threads before you leave the clinic.

How long will the results last?

PDO threads last between 12-24 months depending on your lifestyle and activity level. The threads tend to dissolve in around 3-4 months, but the effects last much longer than this as the collagen builds around the thread in a tube shape. As the thread dissolves, the tube of collagen is left in it place to take over. The more threads we use, the more drastic the result and the longer lasting the effects are. For longer lasting results a repeat procedure is advisable. It is important to note that although PDO thread lifts are amazing, they are not surgery. As long as you have realistic expectations with this, then you will be very pleased with the results and outcome!

Will my skin be more saggy after the threads dissolve?

No. In fact, your skin will likely be more firm, as threads stimulate collagen which is what makes the skin less prone to sagging or wrinkles! Your facial skin will start to gradually drop back to its natural state over the course of 12-24 months, but you will not be left with saggy skin as the threads will have stimulated collagen during those months. You would then just book a little top up as and when, to maintain.

Can I book a consultation before going ahead?

Yes! All PDO thread bookings are initially a consultation as patient selection for me is crucial to the success of the outcome. There is a £50 booking fee to pay to book the consult, but should you not be a good candidate and we do not go ahead with that or any other alternative treatments, this will be refunded back to you. Should you be a good candidate, we can go ahead with the procedure at the same time as the consult. Alternatively you are welcome to come back at a preferred day for the procedure - as long as it is within 4 weeks of the initial consultation date. Any procedures booked after the 4 weeks has lapsed, will require a new booking fee to be paid.

How do I know which package to book?

Which package you book a consultation for doesnt really matter as this will be discussed in detail when I see you at the face to face consult. Once I have assed you and your goals, we can then choose the package based on how many threads/filler will be needed to achieve the desired outcome. The packages are there to give you an idea of prices and what might be involved, so that you are clear on potential costs so that there are no surprises. The vast majority of my clients have package 3 as this allows for the most use of threads on the face and neck for a full rejuvination.