Not All Microbladed Brows Are Created Equally...!!

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

What is the difference between differently priced microbladed brows? Surely they are all the same? Microblading is microblading right, so why are some £300 and others £100??

Ever heard of the saying; "you get what you pay for", or "buy cheap buy twice"?

Well, the same applies when it comes to permanent makeup (PMU) and microblading.

Price will always reflect training and the cost of products used - it just makes sense.

A technician who has trained well and produces good quality, consistent results that always heal well, will know their worth.

They are not going to be those technicians charging £100 for their work as they know they are worth far more than that.

Microbladed brows that are around £100 will be lacking in training, expertise, experience and won't be using high end, good quality pigments as well as super sharp blades.

The work they produce will not be consistent and will not heal well and last well over the course of 24 months.

When you know that the national cost of microblading is around £250-£400 depending on where you are in the UK, surely £100 for microblading doesn't have your alarm bells ringing?

This is going on your face after all and will be there for a good long while!

So what specifically are the differences?

Brow drawing - a well-trained and experienced technician will be able to see straight away what shape will suit the clients face and their expectations. This can be done simply by looking at the current hair they have, or if there is little to no hair, by using the orbital bone (the circular bone that your eye socket sits in). Not going in too far, up too high (or too low) or going out too far to the side, will make a tremendous difference in the overall brow shape and face shape - and result!

A poorly trained technician probably won't be thinking about clients' brow bone structure or face shape and what will or won't suit them. They are more likely to be giving each client 'cookie-cutter' brows. Even older clients who clearly wont suit brows a client in their 20's would!

Get the brow drawing right, and the rest falls into place...

Poorly shaped; no arch and droopy.

Not sure whats going on here!!

Here, the right is much bigger than the left with no clear defined arch.

Pigment Choice - choosing the correct pigment line is paramount in yielding those stunning results that look good from day one, to day 730!

My goal is to make sure your brows look just as good in 24 months as they do one month after.

Sadly, too many technicians only show the immediate after photo which in most cases will look good, but what you don't see is when the scabbing comes off, what do they look like then?! Microbladed strokes that have gone in too deep will cause dark/black looking strokes, and these will only be apparent once healed - they will also be something that will never fade!

Microblading done properly and well should NEVER look blue or dark (see photo below of example) - they should look exactly like the pigment chosen at the initial appointment.

An example of microblading that has gone in too deep.

The pigments I have chosen to work with have perfect colour stabilization. This means that all the colours in the pigments that make up the different shades of blonde/brown etc, will all fade and break down in the body at the same rate - as opposed to leaving any odd colours in the brow such as a red/salmon colour. Brows that are blueish or ashy in colour will mean that the technician worked too deep and the pigment has hit the dermis.

Mine will heal true to colour every time - for every client!

An example of red/salmon colour left in the brows from poor pigments.

The Result - the most important part right?! As I said earlier, for me, I'm always thinking about what your brows will look like in 24 months time. Whilst I'm looking for the immediate result to be pleasing, I want the result at 24 months out, to look just as perfect. THIS is what you be be left with - not what you see immediately after.

This is because as we all know with any type of tattoo, the pigment scabs up and falls away after about 7-10 days. You are then left with (pretty much) the result. So what you see immediately after with the dark, clear crisp strokes, is not exactly what will be left in our skin...

For example oily skin and microblading is not always the best mix and a lot of people will say it can't be done. I say, that when approached with caution and done well, oily skin CAN enjoy microblading. The key is not to put the strokes too close together as they spread under the skin. Placing strokes too close when microblading will mean that when the strokes heal and mix with the oil in the skin, they will spread and fatten/get wider. This means they will touch each other giving you a terribly blurred and messy look - not at all what microblading should look like.

Bad microblading that has blurred together

Hopefully you will now be able to see and tell the difference between those £250/300 brows and those cut-price £100 brows!

All brows are NOT the same and those reasons are outlined above.

So next time you are looking about for some microbladed brows, it's worth saving a little extra money and go for the professional looking ones over the cheap £100 ones.

It will cost you more in the long run to either have them removed, or be stuck with brows that are well below par and not at all the brows of your dreams...

Any comments or questions, please put them below.





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