Microblading: Not The 'Get Rich Quick' People Think It Is

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

With the microblading and permanent makeup market becoming more and more saturated with people offering it, it's also unfortunately becoming increasingly cheaper and easier to train in it....with detrimental results!

Why Is This Such A Problem?

It's a problem because it's not only saturating the industry, but also lowering the standards with sub-par microblading being freely offered around to unsuspecting clients who don't know any better.

Too many people these days are paying £1,500 for a 2-3 day microblading course taught by trainers who have barely been microblading or in the PMU (permanent makeup) industry themselves and whose work is also not that great or up to a high professional standard!

These trainers who have not been in the industry long should not be teaching as they wont have done consistent work with consistent results that have come back after 2, 3 or even 4 years as it takes years to perfect the craft of microblading and permanent makeup.

Therefore, this (lack of) knowledge is being passed onto students who are in it to make a quick buck from microblading as it does not involve using a traditional tattoo machine - so it must be easier right?


Microblading is harder in some ways than machine work and it is for these reasons I will outline below, that these students are not getting taught and therefore passing onto you, the client!

If one understands skin anatomy, proper colour theory, depth, aftercare, and what skin types it works best for, there will be no issues and the result will be natural, fluffy looking brows of dreams!

Correct pigment depth in the skin - this is probably THE number 1 issue I constantly see from clients who contact me who have been elsewhere in Norwich for their original microblading either recently or a year or so ago.

Working with and placing the blade into the exact depth in the skin is an art - I mean a 'real art'! it literally takes 100's of clients to get this right and even then it can still be tricky.

Many factors like client skin type and tone play a huge role in gauging the depth as well as good pre-advice and post-advice (aftercare).

The picture on the right shows you how deep the blade goes into the skin.

Placing pigment too high up, or close to the surface of the skin will result in your microblading almost disappearing completely. Who has had that happen to them?!

These strokes were too shallow resulting in a warm healed result and poor colour retention.

Whilst this isn't such an issue, it is when the skin has to be worked over again! The more the skin is worked on, the more chance of scarring and problems. In professional hands, there is no issue, but in the wrong hands it is.

More pigment needs to go in over the top of this, but now the skin is not virgin skin, so it counts as a semi coverup. This may involve possible colour correcting with some sort of olive (green) pigment to counter and knock out the warm 'red' that is now present in the skin, plus matching up over the original hair strokes that might just about be seen.

This all adds to the mix.

Placing the pigment too deep in the skin (very common indeed) is the worst thing that can happen as it not only looks very unsightly, but it won't fade or go away. This would have to be removed.

As you can see below, this is a classic example of pigment that has been implanted too deep into the skin that it has hit the dermis.

The dermis is a jelly-like substance (where body tattoos are implanted) and is blue in colour - hence why any colour of pigment will turn blue/greyish once it hits the dermis.

The bottom picture of the two brows, is actually after one session of removal but you can still see its very much there and will take a good few more sessions to remove costing you literally £100's to remove in order to be able to put new and better work over the top of this.

That cheap microblading you were considering isn't sounding so good at this point is it??!!

Just to be CLEAR, microblading should NOT look like this (above( once healed! I think a lot of people see this result, don't like it, but think its normal so they don't want to go back a year or so later and have it topped up - which is such a shame.

Depth is a huge issue with microblading artists and this is why it takes a lot of different client skin types to get the hang of. It's a slow process - which is why the amount of experience an artist has is paramount when choosing the right artist/technician for you.

To give you some perspective on this, below is a client who had a a 50:50 mix of a blonde and a medium brown pigment.

Below are the immediate after results.

...and the picture below here, is the healed result. It is lighter and softer than the above picture of immediately after, but this is what happens with all tattooing once healed in the skin.

It should be noted that the pigment is the exact colour it should be in the skin and there are no dark or black looking strokes where I have gone in too deep.

You can see each and every stroke nice and clearly.

This is an example of microblading and shading.

So microblading is not easy by any stretch of the imagination and it has personally taken me many years to perfect the art of it myself. I'm constantly improving my own technique to make things better for my clients and I constantly research and maintain my own training as and when new techniques come out.

These are the main issues that arise with cheap microblading and people who just enter the industry and offer brows for £100/£150.

I can almost guarantee that if you go for these cheap offers, you that you WILL have depth issues, the design of the brow will be poor and not suit your face as well as asymmetry, and the strokes will not be neat or pleasant looking.

The result will not be as you want and you will have no choice but to spend more money getting them removed with several sessional of removal as a lot of these issues cannot be fixed or covered up with more pigment!

If this post has left you a little confused in who or what to look for in a microblading or PMU artis, then you might like to check this post out.


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