Ombre Powder Brows in Norwich

Ombre Powder Brows, Norwich

Ombre powder brow tattoo in Norwich.

My Ombre Powder Brows are simply stunning brows that will suit anyone of any age and face shape; regardless of whether you wear lots of makeup or very little-none as they are so versatile!

If you are an older client and worried this will look 'too young' on you, or 'too bold' even, I can assure you it will not, because I will dilute the pigment I use so you will get a more relevant and softer effect on your skin once healed. I will make it look a little more airy and suitable for you.

PROS: suitable for all skin types, all ages and all face shapes. Heals perfectly in every type of skin. The level of saturation can be adjusted as desired. Lasts for 2 years before a touch up is needed. 

CONS: none really.

Ombre Powder brows not only have a beautiful fade at the font or head of the brow as you can see from the pictures, but also a fade from the bottom to the top of the brow creating a multi faceted 4-way fade!

These will simulate the look of powder or pencil in your brow that you would try to achieve with makeup - hence the name.

Once healed, these will look about 30-50% faded compared to the immediate after effect as the pigment heals in the skin much softer. This will then create that stunning powder or pencilled in look, but will be waterproof, smudge proof and there 24/7!!


ombre powder brows norwich

Eyebrow microblading, powder brow tattoo in Norwich

Eyebrow microblading in Norwich

Eyebrow microblading, powder brow tattoo in Norwich

Eyebrow microblading in Norwich

Eyebrow microblading, powder brow tattoo in Norwich

Healed powder brows in Norwich

Eyebrow microblading, powder brow tattoo in Norwich

Optional 4-6 Week Touch Up/Alteration

With all the latest techniques, equipment and skin knowledge in the permanent makeup industry, the concept of having top-ups 4-6 weeks later is an outdated one and just not necessary contrary to popular belief (for my clients anyway).

If executed and done properly in the initial appointment, coming back to add more pigment ends up over saturating and damaging the skin for nothing.

There is no need to add anything more 6 weeks later; as this would indicate barely anything or minimal was implanted as it should have been, in the first appointment - which simply shouldn't happen with a good and experienced artist.

If however you do feel that you would like a little more added here and there to make the brows bigger, longer or darker for example - beyond the original design, then there is a set-up charge of £50 for this.

If you really do need even less work than this for example, you wanted 1-2mm of one of the brow tails extended, then I will charge less and only for my materials (see prices below).


Ombre Powder Brows - £350

Optional 4-6 Week Touch-Up/Alteration - £25-£50


12-24 Month Touch up - £175



This is an important part of the treatment where we will talk through your options and what will be best. for you, your lifestyle and skin suitability.

All consults are done on the day of the treatment.

During the consult, I will do the predraw making sure. you have perfect symmetry and that you are absolutely happy with the shape before any work goes ahead.

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The initial procedure will take around 2 hours, so please do allow plenty of time so that I do not feel rushed.

Once the pre-draw has been done and you are happy, the actual procedure will begin.

You will be FULLY numbed with high grade topical cream and gel throughout the procedure to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Most clients say the pain is around a 3-4 out of 10.



Aftercare is probably the second most important part of the treatment after the pre-draw as this is what will determine your final results. It is of the utmost importance that you follow my in-depth instructions (taken away with you in the form of a card) as I have worked hard to find the best aftercare for my clients and one that will yield almost perfectly healed results.

You will be given a little aftercare goodie bag to take home with you.

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