Semi Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo
in Norwich

Semi Permanent Eyeliner, Norwich

Semi Permanent eyeliner tattoo in Norwich.

Do you fancy the idea of waking up without having to apply the dreaded eyeliner eadh morning?

Look no further (no pun intended), as it it now possilve with my eyeliner techniques!

Having trained with 4 of the top artists in the industry, I'm excited to be the only permanent makeup technician in Norwich (and Norfolk) to offer these new and innovative techniques!

You have two looks to choose from depending on the look you desire and the level of eye makeup you feel comfortable with, but as you can see from my portfolio, there are many different designs you can opt for:


Pigment is beautifully smoked out right along the lash line only. It does not go above the lash line - only in the lashes themselves. This gives the eyes a very 'exotic' look and deepens the lashes. I always think it is similar to applying black kohl pencil to the upper waterline, where it simply deepens the lash line.

The pigment stops at the end of the lashes with no wing.

This looks beautiful on absolutely everyone with any eye shape and any age.


This is my signature look and my most popular procedure! This looks absolutely stunning on any age and is particularly complimentary on older clients - and especially those with hooded eyes and more skin folds. This will fade down beautifully and won't look so intense once healed, but will last you many years. 

The wing will not be large/long or overwhelming at all as it simply creates a really pretty finish for the end of the liner.


semi permanent winged eyeliner tattoo, norwich

Semi permanent eyeliner tattoo in Norwich

winged eyeliner tattoo in norwich

Healed winged eyeliner tattoo in Norwich

semi permament lash enhancement tattoo i

Smokey lash enhancement tattoo in Norwich

Upgrade from smokey lash enhancement to winged eyeliner

If you have had the 'Smokey Lash Enhancement' but once healed, you decide you want a little more and would actually like to upgrade to a winged liner, this will cost an additional £200 for the extra work involved.

It is advisable you are sure you want the smokey liner over the winged liner at the initial session as it is quite cost prohibitive to do it this way round.

PLEASE NOTE: This upgrade is for current clients only - not new clients who may have previous work from someone else.

The 6-8 Week Top Up

I like to see all my clients once the eyeliner healed from the initial session, and if I do see anything that needs adding or correcting, then this will be complimentary as part of the initial procedure.

permanent eyeliner tattoo norwich

Semi permanent eyeliner tattoo in Norwich


Smokey Lash Enhancement - £300

Winged Eyeliner - £350

Add Lower Liner - Complimentary

Upgrade from Lash Enhancement to Winged Eyeliner - £200


12-24 Month Touch up - £175



This is an important part of the treatment where we will talk through your options and what will be best. for you, your lifestyle and skin suitability.

All consults are done on the day of the treatment.

During the consult, I will do the predraw making sure. you have perfect symmetry and that you are absolutely happy with the shape before any work goes ahead.

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permanent eyeliner norwich



The initial procedure will take around 2 hours, so please do allow plenty of time so that I do not feel rushed.

Once the pre-draw has been done and you are happy, the actual procedure will begin.

You will be FULLY numbed with high grade topical cream and gel throughout the procedure to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Most clients say the pain is around a 3-4 out of 10.



Aftercare is probably the second most important part of the treatment after the pre-draw as this is what will determine your final results. It is of the utmost importance that you follow my in-depth instructions (taken away with you in the form of a card) as I have worked hard to find the best aftercare for my clients and one that will yield almost perfectly healed results.

You will be given a little aftercare goodie bag to take home with you.

permanent eyeliner norwich