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Semi Permanent Lip Tattoo
in Norwich

Lip Blush/Look

Semi Permanent Lip Tattoo, Norwich

Semi Permanent 'Lipstick Look' tattoo in Norwich.

Do you have asymmetrical lips? No defined lip border? Want a fuller and better looking shape? Perhaps you have lost a little colour in your lips and want it back?

Whatever the reason, permanent 'lip tattoo' or 'lipstick look tattoo' can help with all those issues.

With dozens of colours to choose from, we can find the right shade for you and even try and match one to your favorite lipstick!


Definition of the lip border and symmetry, but the colour will be packed in more and perhaps a little more definition on the border if you wish - as more of a lip liner.

You will only need to apply lip balm, vaseline or clear gloss, and you will be good to go!

PLEASE NOTE: if you suffer from cold sores, please click here.

semi permanent lip blush tattoo in Norwich, Norfolk

Semi Permanent Lipstick look tattoo, Norwich £350

lip blush tattoo norwich

Semi Permanent Lipstick Look Tattoo, Norwich - £350

lip blush tattoo norwich

Semi Permanent Lipstick Look Tattoo, Norwich - £350

Touch Ups/Alterations

With all the latest techniques, equipment and skin knowledge in the permanent makeup industry, the concept of having top-ups 4-6 weeks later is an outdated one and just not necessary contrary to popular belief (for my clients anyway).

If executed and done properly in the initial appointment, coming back to add more pigment ends up over saturating and damaging the skin for nothing.

There is no need to add anything more a few weeks later; as this would indicate barely anything or minimal was implanted as it should have been, in the first appointment - which simply shouldn't happen with a good and experienced artist.

Unsure on which colour to choose?

I have a variety of colours to suit every client and every look - over 30 in fact. We can also create our own blend of a few colours we can mix into a 'one of a kind' bespoke colour for you; from reds, to pinks to corals!

With the new and latest innovative lip collections that have just hit the market, there are now lip glosses that match perfectly with each pigment I have, which will help you choose the perfect shade for you...and the BEST part is, is that you can purchase the matching lip gloss to take away with you to use once your gorgeous new lips have healed!

semi permanent lip blush tattoo in Norwich, Norfolk
Semi permanent lip tattoo in Norwich
semi permanent lip blush tattoo in Norwich, Norfolk
semi permanent lip blush tattoo in Norwich, Norfolk


Lipstick Look/Lip Tattoo - £350


12-24 Month Touch up - £195

Additional Information:


If you suffer from cold sores, or have ever had a cold sore (even if it was once many many years ago), it is VERY important you let me know before booking.

Because of the trauma to the lips from the service, you are almost certain to break out in cold sores, but, this can be prevented with a course of Aciclovir tablets at least 5 days before and 5 days after the procedure.

When ordering the tablets from Superdrug from the link above, I would suggest you order 2 courses.

Each course contains one box with 15 tablets. 1 to be taken 3 times per day, for 5 days.

Begin your course 4-5 days prior and then on the day of the procedure or the day after, begin your second course. This should cost you £40 (price correct as of Feb 2022).

In my experience, these tablets are likely to prevent a breakout from occurring - if you adhere to the course.

There is no guarantee you will not have a breakout if you take the tablets, but if you do, it will be

very minor and will not interfere with the healing process quite as much.

Failure to disclose this information is done so at your own risk and an outbreak will result in very poor, uneven and patchy outcome as well as a potential nasty outbreak of the virus.

A correctional fee of £250 will be charged to fix the unevenness and patchiness.

cold sores



This is an important part of the treatment where we will talk through your options and what will be best. for you, your lifestyle and skin suitability.

All consults are done on the day of the treatment.

During the consult, I will do the predraw making sure. you have perfect symmetry and that you are absolutely happy with the shape before any work goes ahead.

Eyebrow Treatment
Permanent Eyebrows



The initial procedure will take around 2 hours, so please do allow plenty of time so that I do not feel rushed.

Once the pre-draw has been done and you are happy, the actual procedure will begin.

You will be FULLY numbed with high grade topical cream and gel throughout the procedure to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Most clients say the pain is around a 3-4 out of 10.



Aftercare is probably the second most important part of the treatment after the pre-draw as this is what will determine your final results. It is of the utmost importance that you follow my in-depth instructions (taken away with you in the form of a card) as I have worked hard to find the best aftercare for my clients and one that will yield almost perfectly healed results.

You will be given a little aftercare goodie bag to take home with you.

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