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Microneedling, skin micro needling, in Norwich.


Microneedling is performed using a pen-like device which has a cartridge with needles inserted into the end. When the device is turned on and placed on the skin, the microneedles move rapidly up and down, creating thousands of tiny, invisible puncture wounds to the top layer of your skin.

These 'micro-injuries' stimulate the body’s natural healing processes and this results in the turnover of skin cells being replaced with younger, newer cells, along with increased collagen and elastin production, than there was before.


As we age, the skin loses elasticity and volume and becomes lax/wrinkled from the loss of collagen and/or through environmental factors such as exposure to UV light, chemicals, meds, and smoking, and can become scarred through acne. 

As the skin adjusts to these factors, it doesn't repair or rebuild in a very organised fashion... this leaves your skin looking wrinkled, saggy, sun damaged and scarred.


The micro-injuries from the microneedling cause the body to remodel and restructure the skin and cells in a more organised manner.

This results in a smoother, less textured, more youthful appearance and acne scarring can be hugely improved.

Without this 'restructuring,' from the trauma caused by the microneedling, the skin will continue to look wrinkled, aged and textured etc.

Multiple sessions of microneedling will compound these benefits which will continue to improve the appearance of the skin in the months following the procedure. A course of treatments will be designed to address your skin’s requirements which can be maintained twice yearly to preserve the results.


For those who have loose/lax skin, wrinkles, UV damage, premature ageing, thin skin, acne or acne scarring. Microneedling in these instances can be the perfect answer.


Yes, when performed in the correct environment and by a qualified practitioner.

Successful microneedling requires an in-depth knowledge of the skin and its function. Your technician needs to be knowledgeable and experienced in order to ensure the best outcome for your skin. 


It should be noted that in my clinic, serums or sheet masks are strictly NOT used during or after microneedling. This is due to the high risk of allergic reactions or delayed allergic reactions that can occur from chemicals entering deep into the channels of the skin created by the microneedling. The use of serums during the procedure can lead to many skin conditions such as dermatitis, skin inflammation, reaction to your regular products, hypersensitivity or even granulomas.

Safety is always the priority for my clients.

microneedling norwich

1 x session   - £100

4 x sessions  - £340 saving of £60

6 x sessions  - £500 saving of £100

PLEASE NOTE: this service requires full payment upfront

Microneedling, skin microneedling in Norwich

With anything, not all microneedling is created equal and the processes I use to achieve the results I get -  along with my knowledge of skin and products, is reflected in my price.

You can get microneedling as cheap as £30 a session in Norwich, but if the knowledge, knowhow quality equipment and products is not there, the results you want won't be either.

I use various methods, needles and depths to achieve desired results and each of those things will be specifically tailored to you, your skin and your goals.

Something you should always bear in mind when choosing the right person who will be performing microneedling on you is that if there is no proper knowledge of the possible reactions behind this procedure, long term damage to the skin is very real. Not all clients are going to be suitable candidates for microneedling and personally and professionally, I would never take on a client just because of the money.

If this is the case, there will always be other more appropriate treatments for you that I can recommend - even if I do not offer them here in my clinic.

Excessive treatments can cause PIH (post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation) and topical products should NEVER be used after a microneedling session, except for pure hyaluronic acid. Even then, the chosen hyaluronic acid must be of a certain molecular weight so it lays on the skin and not track down the channels created by the microneedling, and must contain only pure ingredients without colourants, other vitamins, surfactants, preservatives etc.

I have seen many therapists offering 'deluxe microneedling facials' using serums and finishing with sheet/face masks.

This is very worrying to me as it risks an immune system response and the very real possible risk of causing granulomas which are permanent.

So long as you choose your therapist wisely, you will not encounter any of these issues and you will achieve great results, as seen in the picture below.


& Skin Peel Packages

Combining microneedling with skin peels is a match made in heaven!

Directly targeting the skins' renewal mechanisms through stimulation of collagen and elastin production with microneedling, will provide a long lasting effect below the surface of the skin; while AHA and retinol peels help to resurface and refine the existing epidermis allowing the new, vibrant skin cells to be revealed. 


Since we can only safely perform, microneedling and/or skin peels every 3-4 weeks to allow for proper healing I would suggest we alternate microneedling and skin peels.

For example: Month 1; microneedling. Month 2; AHA skin peel. Month 3; microneedling. Month 4; retinol peel and so on.


This approach allows for maximal healing in between needling and peeling sessions and gives the skins regeneration processes time to stabilise between sessions.


Microneedling and skin peels work with the skin to generate new collagen and elastin naturally. The ultimate effects of microneedling will appear at their best between 2 and 3 months after the final treatment... before the process gradually begins to slow down again. 


Therefore I recommend maintenance treatments of microneedling 2-3 times per year to maintain the desired result. Regular peels will keep your skin looking its absolute best, and daily use of targeted skin care products which I can tailor to you, will support the salon treatments.

4 x sessions (alternating over 4 months) - £335 saving of £55

6 x sessions (alternating over 4 months) - £499 saving of £66

PLEASE NOTE: this service requires payment in full upfront



Microneedling is a procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin with a pen-like device. The purpose of treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin. Microneedling is mostly used on the face and may treat various scars, wrinkles, and large pores, but can be used on the scalp to treat hair loss, scar tissue from tattoos that have been removed with lasers, cellulite or stretch marks.


Yes. Despite what I have written above about the potential warning and dangers, as long as you choose your therapist correctly, you will not have these issues. The problem arises when you choose to pay £30-£50 for a microneedling session to try and save money, but what you don't realise is that these therapists offering microneedling at such low prices just don't have any real idea of the potential dangers they can cause by improper techniques with little knowledge about the skin and how it functions and works as a whole.

Without this knowledge they risk causing real damage to the skin not yielding the results possible. They will take on clients unsuitable for microneedling and not recognise when a client is experiencing PIH for example or similar allergic reactions.

Choose wisely, and you will be in safe hands.


Microneedling is a fantastic treatment which can help with a myriad of conditions including, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, sagging skin, cellulite on legs or stomach, stretch marks and scalp hair loss!


This will vary from person to person and alo the depth I have chosen to go in at, but most people will notice a little redness and possible mild swelling similar to slight sunburn for 24-48 hours and there may be slight pinpoint bleeding. Skin will be noticeably smoother and more radiant within a week or two. Full results will take a few months to appear.


Most clients do not have the need for numbing cream and using it can affect the results and cause possible further issues.

I generally needle at depths from 0.25mm to 1.5mm (medical needling), so it should be more than tolerable for the most part.


One session isn't enough to yield the results you might be after. If you have wrinkles, acne skin, or skin that is generally not smooth, then one session will not be sufficient for the matrix of the fibroids to regenerate and fully heal as required. As with skin peels, it has been clinically proven that at least 4 sessions minimum is required for optimum results.


Both! Microneedling and skin peels yield similar end results, but each one achieves this in a uniquely different way.


Microneedling rebuilds the skins structure by repairing damage caused by acne scarring, UV exposure, fine lines and wrinkles, melasma (brown spots) premature ageing etc and skin peels renew, regenerate & invigorate the skin in a more preventative manor.


Think of it as; microneedling repairing the past and skin peels preparing for the future. Therefore, both methods work synergistically to drastically improve the skin.


The AHA peels and Retinol peels also work fantastically when alternated, as the AHA peels work more on the surface of the skin, whereas the retinol peels work beneath the skin.


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