Training & Masterclasses

Advanced PDO Threads Masterclass Training

PDO threads highly advanced masterclass training for already
qualified technicians.

- Are you already trained in PDO cog threads?

- Do you have at least 6 months experience in threads?

- Are you disappointed in your results?

- Can you achieve the lift you want?

- Do you achieve the longevity of hold your clients need?

- Are you tired of your results dropping? 

Alison Mary PMU Norwich

Alison has for the last year been working very closely with her colleague Nicky Tye, who is based in Solihull, Birmingham.

They have combined their knowledge and skill along with their mentor; Dr Guardiero who is a world renowned PDO specialist herself, to develop their unparalleled thread lifting techniques.

Alison & Nicky can therefore offer you this Advanced PDO Threads Masterclass all across the UK.


Alison covers the East of England, South and London and Nicky covers the West Midlands and the North. 

Alison & Nicky are two of the UK's most highly regarded and leading PDO threads experts and between the two of them they have performed some of the most advanced technical thread lifts for over 5 years combined.

They have trained with some of the best PDO experts in the UK as well as internationally and have perfected their signature cheek, jawline and jowl lift with exceptional hold and longevity.

Alison & Nicky's techniques have been taken to a new level and are far more advanced than the standard training adopted across the UK.

They are a combination of Korean and US techniques as well as their own established techniques; based on the science and anatomy of the human face.

What makes training with Alison & Nicky different to other PDO thread lift classes?

A masterclass with Alison or Nicky will teach you techniques beyond what you thought was possible - and what is currently available from other 'advanced' classes.

Their vectors, thread choice and placement are a closely guarded secret, but they guarantee to give superior hold lift and more importantly longevity; which is severely lacking in the PDO industry.

Where and how threads are placed and the type used, is key to achieving that lift and hold and you will learn this along with proper and safe techniques.

It is important to note that Alison & Nicky not only train in their advanced techniques, but physically perform them on a daily basis with real clients, where they are able to gather healed results months after the procedure.

This is why their technique has become so popular as it is fully tried and tested with both models and clients.

Most PDO threads trainings are done by tutors who are not in the field performing them and so they have little to no feedback on whether what they are teaching actually works not. This sadly, is where the industry is lacking and your frustration as a practitioner comes in, with unhappy clients to deal with.

What will I learn and what will be covered in the masterclass?

In this highly advanced PDO masterclass, Alison (or Nicky) will demonstrate and guide you through their signature upper face/cheek lift and jawline & jowl lift and retraction.

We will cover:

- Cog thread placement and vectors.

- Choice of thread.

- Safer techniques (nerves and arteries etc).

- Complications; how to avoid them and how to solve them.

- Alison & Nickys signature cheek, jawline and jowl lift.

- The science behind how threads really work (which isn't well known in the industry).

- How to get that superior lift over all the other practitioners and why your lifts are not holding.

- How to maintain that lift beyond a few weeks, for your client (1-2 years).

- Proper client aftercare - which equates to around 70% of the healed result and longevity.

In-house training at your salon/clinic:

Alison (or Nicky) will travel to your salon or clinic for the days training where you will supply the models for the day.

The first hour or so, will be spent with your 50 page comprehensive manual, discussing and learning safe practices regarding the anatomy and where you can and cannot safely insert a thread to maintain client safety.

This is not always covered in as much depth as it should do, in basic or foundation PDO courses and it is shocking at how little information and knowledge most PDO threads trainers actually have!

This will be then followed by proper techniques on insertion to be sure you are at the correct depth, as well as covering complications, vectors and other important aspects of the art of thread lifting.

The second half of the morning will be a demonstration on a model by Alison/Nicky who will show you their techniques in depth and talk you through the procedure.

This will then be followed by 4-5 models for you to work on with Alison/Nicky there beside you.

To help you organise the day, a typical breakdown of the timetable will be as follows:

8:45/9am - 10:00am: Discussing and going through part of the 50 page in depth training manual.

10:00am - 11:30am: Model 1 for Alison/Nicky to demonstrate on.

11:30am - 1:00pm: Model 2 for you to work on.

1:00pm - 1:30pm: Lunch Break

1:30pm - 3:00pm: Model 3 for you to work on.

3:00pm - 4:30pm: Model 4 for you to work on.

4:30pm - 6:00pm: Model 5 for you to work on if there are 2 delegates OR for 1-2-1 training, Alison/Nicky will perform a complimentary thread lift on yourself, as she believes it is important to experience your new highly advanced techniques for yourself before you begin offering them to your clients.


A certificate of achievement* will be provided upon completion.


Alison & Nicky welcome you to the very highly sought after masterclass to enhance your already existing PDO thread skills.

At the end of this 9-10 hour masterclass, Alison/Nicky aim to leave you feeling boosted with confidence and ready to take your PDO thread skills to a whole new level.

Full after-class support is provided by Alison & Nicky via Whats App, who will be in close contact with you should you need further assistance and help.

*PLEASE NOTE: this is a masterclass only and no CPD accreditation is awarded. You will receive a certificate of achievement for the advanced knowledge, information and confidence you will have gained from this up-skill masterclass.

In-House Masterclass Training Prices
with Either Alison or Nicky
1-2-1 Training (1 delagate) - £3,000 (£1,000 non-refundable booking fee)

2-2-1 Training (2 delegates) - £2,250 each 
(£1,000 non-refundable booking fee each)
You, the delegate(s) would be required to source up to 4 models (5 if there are 2 delegates) for the day.
This would be 1 demo model for Alison/Nicky and 3/4 models for you.

The money you get from your model prices can go towards the cost of the days training.

All threads and associated thread materials will be supplied by Alison/Nicky.
You will just need to supply gloves, lap cloths, aprons etc.