Anti-Wrinkle and Botox Injections
in Norwich

Anti-Wrinkle and Botox Injectionss
in Norwich?

Anti-wrinkle in Norwich and Botox
in Norwich.


Botox is used for cosmetic purposes to smooth or soften the fine lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions, as well as for medical purposes in reducing certain nerve impulse problems, including spasticity and clenching of muscles.

Controlled amounts of Botox are directly injected into the muscles to weaken them temporarily. The mechanism of the toxin causes temporary muscle paralysis by stopping the neurotransmitter from reaching the motor nerve terminal. This stops the muscle contraction which in turn cause wrinkles to relax and skin to soften, creating a more youthful appearance.


Results are noticeable from 3-14 days after treatment, and last an average of 3-4 months.

Botox can be used on the following areas:

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- Frown lines (1)

- Forehead (2)

- Crows Feet (3)


- Underarm sweating

- Hand sweating

- Feet sweating

- Bunny Lines (4)

- Sad Smile Lines (marionettes 5)

- Pebbled/Dimpled Chin (6)

- Nefertiti Neck Lift/Jowl Tightening (7)

- Nose Slimming (8)

- Nose Lift (8)

- Gummy Smile (9)

- Lip Flip (9)

- Masseter (for bruxism/clenching)

- Migraines

Anti-wrinkle Botox injections in Norwich

Anti Wrinkle injections in Norwich

Botox injections in Norwich

How does it work?

Because of the way our muscles work in the face, we have to treat multiple areas together - we cannot just treat one area on its own, as it doesn't work that way. Many injectors do offer 1 area, but in doing this, it has a knock-off effect on other areas...

Very simply, we have 2 types of muscles on our face - elevator muscles and depressor muscles.

Elevator muscles lift up and depressor muscles pull down.

These 2 types of muscle work in synergy with each other as one acts a 'push' and the other a 'pull'.

This means that if we inject toxin into a depressor muscle, it will paralyse that muscle allowing the elevator muscle to lift.

If we inject into an elevator muscle, then the depressor muscle will have free reign to drop/pull down.

If we are clever and strategic as to where we inject the toxin, we can manipulate this process of allowing certain muscles to lift, and others to pull down. This is why we cannot just inject in 1 area.

So by injecting into both the forehead (frontalis) and eye area (orbicularis oculi),  we can allow the forehead to lift giving us a little brow lift which will give a more youthful and rested look.

It will also smooth out the eye muscle; thus eliminating the crows feet!

anti wrinkle in norwich

Anti-Wrinkle and Botox injections in Norwich

Packages & Prices


3 Areas (frown, forehead, crows feet) - £250



3 Areas (smile lines, chin, jowl lift) - £250


Masseter (teeth grinding) - £350

Underarm Sweating - £350

Full Nefertiti Neck & Jowl Lift - £350


The below advanced services can be added onto any of the above:

Bunny Lines - £30

Nose Slimming/Lift - £30

Gummy Smile - £30

Lip Flip - £30

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Summary:

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Back to Work





From £250

Risks & Complications

Possible bruising

Full Recovery

Same day

Duration of Results

3-4 months