Semi Permanent Freckles Tattoo
in Norwich

Semi Permanent Freckles Tattoo, Norwich

Semi Permanent freckles in Norwich.

Natural looking semi-permanent freckles that will last between 1-3 years.

You will be able to choose how many freckles you want to have and where you would like them placed - there really is no right or wrong.

Having said that, it really is better to not over do it in the beginning, and create a nice, light smattering to make it look most natural. Adding too many to start with can actually end up looking more fake.

You can always have a few deepened up and/or add on a few extra freckles here and there 6 weeks after the initial session for £50.

Please note, that it is VERY important you choose an artist who is skilled and experienced at freckles. If the wrong technique is used, or the incorrect pigment or needles, you can end up with very dark looking 'spots' or 'blobs' that will look like permanent blackheads and heal very ashy in the skin.


Semi permanent freckles tattoo in norwich

Semi permanent freckles tattoo in Norwich

freckle tattoo norwich norfolk

Semi permanent freckles tattoo in Norwich

Semi permanent freckles tattoo in norwich

Semi permanent freckles tattoo in Norwich

semi permanent freckles Norwich

HEALED freckles tattoo in Norwich

freckle tattoo norwich

Semi permanent freckles in Norwich

freckles tatto norwich norfolk

Semi permanent freckles in Norfolk

HEALED Semi permanent freckles in Norwich


Semi Permanent Freckles - £200


Add more freckles 6 weeks later - £50



All freckle consults are done on the day of the treatment.

Before any work goes ahead, I will ask you to pencil some freckles in where you think you would like them. It is always better to come to the appointment with an idea of where and how you would like them positioned.

Whilst there is no right or wrong for the placement of the freckles, less is always more and I can help you with the placement if needed.

We can always add in a few more as we are going along, so there is no need to worry that you will leave with less than you had in mind.

semi permanent freckles norwich
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Once you are happy with the placement, I will go ahead and mix up the pigment (usually 2-3), and begin tattooing.

I do not pre-numb with cream for freckles because 1. the cream dissolves the penciled in freckles so I cant see where to tattoo and 2. I'm working lightly in the skin, so you only feel a slight scratch which is more than bearable.

I do numb after the first pass so you are more comfortable.



Aftercare with freckles is easy - I will give you some balm to apply if you feel them getting a little dry, but really you will need to keep your skin dry (no face washing) until the scabs have fallen off which will take around 1 week.

You can use WaterWipes or baby wipes to cleanse your skin around the freckles during this period.

semi permanent freckles Norwich