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Semi Permanent Makeup in Norwich

Powder brows are the most natural and ‘on trend’ procedure right now.

Unlike the old fashioned ‘block brow’ they are designed to heal sheer and soft with a borderless finish leaving no harsh edges.

A beautiful deepening of the lashline. Perfect if you want something subtle around the eyes, but do not want an obvious 'eyeliner' line. Makes the eyes look a little more exotic.

This eyeliner technique is tailored to suit every eye shape and can be as subtle or as strong as desired. The beauty of the progressively vanishing edge and inner eye taper is what sets this apart from others and gives it that striking effect on the eye.

Similar to Lip Blush, the Lipstick Look Tattoo is the next level up with a little more definian, but more importantly, more coverage and more colour.

All you need to do is gloss & go...

Natural looking freckles for a cute and fresh appearance.

If you have lost your freckles over time, or just want to add a few more, then semi-permanent freckles will that' je ne sais quoi'...

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